At the centre of our own universe is consciousness…


Take if you will the ENTIRE universe…..see the entire universe in its totality….see the vastness of it…it is all that is…there is no beginning and no end – it is never complete. The universe is made up of vast galaxies and dimensions, of unimaginable beauty, splendour and unfathomable potential….it is like a body – human body/body of water/forest floor etc., etc. made up of many different cellular structures, components that work in symbiosis with each other in order to present a perfect universe…

The earth along with every planet, every star, every invisible to the naked eye existing enigma are all functioning cells within the vastness of the universe….now if one of those planets, or stars were functioning incorrectly – based on what the universe requires for necessary existence potential, it has (as its parasympathetic process) the correct skills and automatic responses to rectify the problem…

Now consider that the earth, being part of this universe, is a small portion of the universes totality – but although small, vital to the forward movement and continuation of the universe … the earths structure is not unlike a single cell within the human body….it works in automatic existence with every other cell within its containment structure for the forward momentum of that body….think of the earths cellular structure that must work together for its continued health…the human race, the forest, the oceans, the air, are all the cells for the earth…how every cell reacts and interacts with each other has an impact on the health, wellbeing, and continuation of the earth…if the earth’s “nutrition” and “consciousness” is in order, then a few cells that are not working can be dealt with and removed by natural processes which ensure the survival of the earth – large or small events, catastrophic or natural wavelike attrition…whatever it takes to rectify what is not working…the earths consciousness is adept at knowing what is required.

See the human body as its very own universe…every cell working individually yet in unison with each other…nutrition and consciousness are at a level that maintenance can be trusted in complete faith that any cells that are no longer of service will be removed via natural processes, but what if the body’s nutrition and consciousness are not working together at healthy levels, if the belief in the self is not supportive in the body’s need for equilibrium? OR IF THE BELIEF IS THAT THERE IS NOT A CONSCIOUSNESS – TOTAL SEPARATENESS… What then? How can you change a universe’s idea of what is?? How do you show a universe to have complete faith in a cell structure that has let it down?……How do you prove to it that things can change and repair and rectification will take place? …………

By focusing on changing through mass consciousness!!!!!!! Allowing every cell of your body to believe in the one thing – faith… Allowing the entire population of the earth to believe in one thing – faith …Allowing the entire compilation of the universe to believe in one thing……. the universe (our earth/our body) will see that major change has taken place and automatically and effortlessly take the necessary steps to make the alterations that are needed for completion of the cycle of complete faith.

We are not in control…we do not need to be….we just need to be at one, and believe that we are capable of trusting ourselves.





I work with my fair share of people that are nearing the end of their lives here on this earthly plane – and I love it…. I also work with a hell of a lot of people that are nowhere near finishing their time here – so don’t worry, being one of my clients is still a safe option!

But I have to share my enthusiasm for the work that I do with my palliative clients – I absolutely love the honesty and beauty of how real, and how accepting, people become when they have moved into just existing in this very moment.  They have no regrets because they are no longer torturing themselves about things they need to get done, or should fix, and are just surrendering themselves to an amazing process that will take them to somewhere none of us have been before (depending on your beliefs).  They usually have pain, so being medicated makes them more comfortable, they hate the dulling of the mind that the meds bring, but they know the feeling of physical pain – so a compromise is what it takes to get through each new day.  We talk openly and honestly about fears, expectations, and…what they think happens to them after death – most people hope that there is continuation.

So where does some pizza & a few pies fit into this story?  I recently had a cheeky client that passed away (a young guy that I will call “Cheeky” – because that is exactly what he is); he knew without a doubt that there was a new life for him on the other side, so he was totally at ease in the now.  In this life, he had lived to the full – he instinctively knew that he wouldn’t live a long life, and decided to do exactly as he wanted; lived on the edge; burned the candle at both ends; ate COPIOUS amounts of junk food – especially pizza and pies…morning noon and night – even to the very end…pizza and pies.  He wished that junk food didn’t react as badly as they did with the meds, but he just wanted to keep enjoying this part of his journey – he also didn’t know if they would be available in his next life – so he had to get his fill!  He enthusiastically discussed what he believed constantly, he laughed, and made future plans, and knew he would be fine – I knew he would be too.  I always left his house smiling, and seeing life a little more in tune after each visit.  His beliefs were infectious.

And the psychic?  Well, yesterday I went to see a psychic that speaks with those on the other side – and along with a few of my dearly departed relatives, guess who else popped in to see me whilst I was there…. Cheeky himself!…. without the pizza and pies apparently, but he just wanted to say he really enjoyed our time together, and that he was right…the other side does really exist, and it is brilliant – he is loving it.  Then, being the cheeky bloke that he is, he gave me a kiss on the cheek, and left.

So fear not, experience tells me that we will all be fine…now…and later – I will not, however, recommend nor condone Cheeky’s pizza & pie diet, whether they are available at our next stop or not!


My name is Debbie Myers, and it is my passion, and an absolute honour, to work with people who are at a point in their lives where they need to get real – and with getting real, comes peace, balance, and the discovery of their truth.  I do not mind getting into areas and conversations that people usually do not want to go to…usually…until they feel they have to.

My work encompasses oncology massage, cancer related lymphatic drainage, hypnotherapy, emotional release techniques, discovery of self, meditation, stress relief, and much, much more.

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