The Wisdom of Shiraz…..


The Wisdom of Shiraz….

At times…I am certain that a good red is full of wisdom and clarity. During those times, I am sure that I have also spotted the answers to some of my most perplexing questions. How do they get all of that information into something as small as a bottle of red??

Maybe the magic’s in the cork; possibly it’s the way they age a good red…they say maturity comes with age. But what if it is the bottle? Magic happens in bottles – that’s what I remember from the days of TV’s “I Dream of Jeanie” anyway…or was it trouble that comes from bottles – no, it was magic…shiraz – I mean shazam!!  If there really is magic in those bottles, to be honest – it really hasn’t worked that well when I think about it. Those great ideas and solutions seem to roll out of my consciousness just as quickly as they arrived, which is a shame really because during my drinking time – they seem like absolute beauties.

Possibly it is the frequency at which I gather these pearls of wisdom that could be the problem – I actually only indulge in one glass a week, so if it takes me just over eight weeks to finish one bottle, that means that it will take me a whopping two months to solve the problems of the world – there must be a quicker way to action this huge responsibility!?

I’ve heard vodka is effective – but at a nip a week, hmm…..


My name is Debbie Myers, and it is my passion, and an absolute honour, to work with people who are at a point in their lives where they need to get real – and with getting real, comes peace, balance, and the discovery of their truth.  I do not mind getting into areas and conversations that people usually do not want to go to…usually…until they feel they have to.

My work encompasses oncology massage, cancer related lymphatic drainage, hypnotherapy, emotional release techniques, discovery of self, meditation, stress relief, and much, much more.

Check my website  or “like” my Facebook page Cancer Support Therapies, if you would like to find out a little more about my work.

Debbie Myers Dip.R.M.,OMT,CHt.

  Phone: 0414 632 668


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